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Zodiac Diet: Diet For Zodiacs

People believed in eating behaviour is active only in determining the horoscope,. In doing so, he is most wise to act in accordance with the characteristics of the burcunuzun diet düşünenlerdenseniz, don’t go without reading the …

Zodiac Diet: Diet For Zodiacs

Aries (21 March-20 April): to eat junk food are extremely meraklısınız. Therefore the danger of bells ringing for you. By staying away from alcohol and salt instead of

plenty of water. Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, beans, lentils, cauliflower, lettuce, green salad, spinach, radishes, rice, olives, apples, pumpkin, walnuts, as well as the necessary nutrients to be added to the weekly beslenmenize necessarily will eat. Desserts that are required for you! Apricot sugar-free desserts, such as more.

TAURUS (21 April-21 May): you are living for food. But keep in mind that in the future this will be on bela kilos An avoid. Otherwise, you are a person who is plump. Digestive difficulties. A diet low in fat and sugar, starch, diet is a necessary part of your life with. Contains natural iodine foods, fish and seafood, eggs, liver, kidney, wheat, spinach, beets, fresh fruits and green salad food will always be on your list. In addition, you must be an essential part of your life also drink water.

Gemini (May 22-June 21): are you eating so much that affects your health and your immediate action, this situation has become. Food that is 1. But often eat the principle. Gemini wants Word healthy bones healthy. Gemini blood clots too often. Fish, butter and cheese, carrot, Orange, grapefruit, peach village, Plum, grape juice, raisins and almonds must be on your list of essential nutrients to the diet. You must be relax and peaceful and Decaf teas for medicinal plants is for you.

CANCER (22 June – 23rd July): Emotional in your eating habits are affecting you. Starchy food, sugar, salt, and crabs, while baharatlardan should focus away. Because it is a very delicate stomachs. Your body needs calcium crying. Low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt with cabbage, lettuce, tomato, salad, curly, and plenty of fresh vegetables and lean protein, your skin and stomach is good in terms of your health, your weight under control more comfortable. Want to slim down to hesaplaşmalısınız yourself.

Leo (July 24 – 31 August): cooking is a pleasure to speak to you. Nice restaurants, delicious meals can adorn all the time. Do you care about your body to Diet is extremely başarılısınız. İradeniz great! To have regular blood dolaşımınızın; beef, lamb and poultry, raw meat, liver, egg yolk, celery, Apple, peach, lemon, fig and almond is ideal for you. Porsiyonlarınızı, it is recommended that you reduce 50 percent.

VIRGO (24 August – 30 September): from the mind at the mention of a NAP you. In particular, between the top of the chocolate. However, this can cause problems because of the food you should in your heart away. Salt, wheat, rye, lean beef, and lamb meat, cheese, olives, oranges, lemons, melons, apples, pears yiyeceklerinizdir your ideal. Melon, apples, pears, and clear your skin helps to ensure maintenance of partially saçlarýnýza. Apple is your saver.

LIBRA (24 September – 22nd October): Libra fot nefrits, represents the bottom portion of the spine. Peas, corn, carrots, spinach, wheat, oatmeal, apples, strawberries, almonds and raisins are always at your fingertips. A lot of acidic beverages you should nefrits the remote. A thin and elegant body; thin slices will be useful.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22,): quotes of the production departments. You may experience respiratory problems. From made breads, fish and seafood, green salad, onion, red radishes, fresh fruits and vegetables with a diet is for you. You will receive proper nutrition.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November – 20 December): quotes of the butts, leg tops and protects. Fruits and vegetables to be fed natural rind. Plenty of raw vegetables, green peppers, potatoes, strawberries, figs, prunes, apples, pears, and granular vanities, is recommended.

CAPRICORN (21 December – 18 January): there is a Diligent and trying to make the next meal is also aware of olmadam. However, this is very harmful for you. A mixture of vitamins and nutrients your body needs a wide range of importants. Daily zinc requirement, the knees, teeth, ears and skin in your love. “. Cabbage, celery, lean meats, lemon, Orange, cow’s milk cheese, fish, egg yolk, all kinds of wheat and incirle aranızın must be very good. Animate your skin dry and prone to allergies by eating apricot, almond. Try to maintain your non smoking and keeping hazy.

BUCKET (19 January – 20 February): your body is constantly in need of innovative Dining style d・n・ C.. For this reason, the different tastes, eat you like. National Geographic photo of the hand and foot bilekleriyle represents baldirs and textures. Your body needs so much tuzuna tableware. This is not, you need the most from this form of hosting from salt meals mantıklısıdır. When you receive too much salt is a weak bulging into the bloodstream, liver problems and the body and an extra. Pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, radishes, sea products, spinach, Apple, peach, lemon, Orange, grapefruit, pomegranate and pineapple is ideal in terms of natural salt besinlerdir for you.

PISCES (20 February – 21 March): solid and boring diets is not for you. High protein, low in fat and sugar in the diet that you feel much better when you apply yourself. National Geographic photo of the excellence of the hearing, hearing, touch, and with the feet. The necessity of the iron in your body is the main. Iron deficiency, anemia and low tansiyona. Diyetlerinizde rich iron in the liver, lean beef, lamb meat, with egg yolk, onion, spinach, brain, mussels, barley, wheat bread, lettuce, beans, apples, grapes, lemon, Orange, peach, dates, prunes and raisins. Can be added to this list in parsley.

Important warning: do not start your diet without consulting your doctor.

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